Don't know where to start? 

let's get you coaching your team with confidence and clarity while,

Developing Fearless Leaders of tomorrow!



An easy step by step system to create a better experience.

Here's What You'll Learn To Become A Great Youth Coach

The New Paradigm

The 7 Ingredients to Creating a Harmonious season

The Coaches Meeting

The 7 Key Touch Points to cover with your Assistant Coaches

Parent Meeting

The 7 Critical Expectations you MUST set with your Parents

Player Meeting

The 7 Building Blocks To Create Rapport and Influence with your players

Fearless Players

The 7 Steps to Unleashing Fearless Players

Putting It All Together

Being Consistent and Congruent with your Message

"This book lays the groundwork for how to go about coaching youth sports. Without getting into the Xs and Os, which most coaching books seem to focus on, Steve takes a fresh approach where the goal is for everyone involved to enjoy and grow from the experience. His 7 steps give every coach - new or experienced, no matter the sport, the blueprint to accomplish this. With this in place and expectations set, it makes it much easier for coaches to then focus their attention inside the lines. I've used many of Steve's guidelines with my own teams, and the result has been many rewarding seasons for my players, their parents, and myself."

Kyle Grucci
Head Varsity Basketball Coach

"I think that this course is extremely valuable to any coach, especially youth level, but up to and including the collegiate level.  I HIGHLY recommend this course.  If I were responsible for a youth program or I was a high school athletic director, I would implement this training immediately and make it mandatory for anyone coaching within the respective programs."

Andy Berkholder
Head Basketball Coach

"A must read for youth coaches. A must read for anyone considering coaching at the youth level. Really lays out the keys to making youth sports a positive and enriching experience. Park and recreation departments should make it part of their coach training."

Pat Gibbons
Youth Soccer Coach